Beyond impressed! My family and I had a very special afternoon with the ballito surf shop surfing coaches. In my wildest dreams I couldn’t have imagened how much we would love everything about surfing. Exillerating! It was a personal achievement and bucket list item which may now become a lifestyle. As coaches you guys at the ballito surf shop are phenomenal, with a superb personal touch making the experience special for everyone involved.

Thanks gents!

Julian de la Hunt

SABC 404 newsroom show

Thanks guys for an amazing day! You coaches at the ballito surf shop are passionate about what you do and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I didn’t expect to even attempt it, but I am so glad I did. You feel so free on the surfboard, I road the wave all the way to the shore, we all did. What wonderful memories we made!

Thank you!

Tanya Gerasimo and family

Thank you, coach ray and coach clay for the best time of our lives! We enjoyed learning to surf so much and learnt so much. We will definitely come again.Thanks guys

Anne Mieke, Henk and the whole Verwaard family

We as the Ghorbany family, had a fantastic opportunity to get to know the art of surfing coach Ray and coach Clay have given me and my family a lifetime memory to be friends / one with the ocean. We will always remember our surfing experience with the coaches at the ballito surf shop and I am sure we will brag about it for many years. Keep up your passionate surfing coaching.

Kind regards

Sherman, Vanessa, Luen and taim Ghorbany

Thank you! Ballito Surf shop coach Ray & coach Clay, for such an amazing day! What an experience, we’ll carry this with us as a lifetime blessing. This day was by far the best day of our honeymoon!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, may God bless you!


Honeymooner's : Jacque & Bianca Muller

Dear Ballito Surf shop, what an absolutely life changing experience! You have given us such a wonderful, meaningful & spiritual gift that will enhance our time on this planet, ten fold.

Coach Ray & coach Clay were both amazing coaches. It’s beyond obvious that these gents not only love life & living, but are the best most professional surf coaches!

We can’t wait to start our new lifestyles & its all thanks your amazing big hearts & generosity.

Without you gents, we would never have had this opportunity!

We love you guys, see you soon.


Deryn & Shaun

Thanks to the Ballito Surf shop for the best day! It was beyond amazing & by far the most awesome experience. This was the most generous offering ever given to me! I may not be blessed with large amounts of money, but I am blessed to have met wonderful, soulful people namely coach Ray & coach Clay, who were generous enough to help me gain such a beautiful experience. I learnt that with fearless determination you can accomplish anything. I hope you guys stay just as amazing with good hearts.

Always love nature and it will keep your soul pure!

Much love

Melissa( the blind girl, who has to wear goggles) From Pretoria

Dear Ballito Surf shop, a huge thank you to surf coach Ray for teaching us this awesome lifestyle!

We had so much fun today. I know we’ll all enjoy riding the waves from now on. We now have a whole point of view about the tide of life!

You’re an amazing coach, thank you for all the inspiration.


Bianca, Zander, Zella, Jan-Paul, Liezel & Paul Grey

Dear coach Ray ,& coach Clay at the Ballito surf shop, thanks so much for an unforgettable first and second time on a surfboard. My wife, myself and our 7 year old son Max, will have many wonderful dreams about our surfing experience, we really enjoyed surfing the first and second lesson, we loved it. Rock n’ rolling on the water on fantastic waves. With excellent coaches.

We will be back for further surfing lessons.


Catharina, Eli and little Max nitsch Hamburg, Germany

Dear coaches Ray & Clay at the Ballito Surf shop, my family had one of the most awesome days in their lives. You have the ” personal touch” when it comes to teaching people how to surf! Your passion for the sport is phenomenal. It was an experience never to be equalled. Thank you very much once again. ” I felt like a celebrity” !


Mike& Simone Bowles and our twins. Ballito

Dear Ballito Surf shop, coaches Ray and Clay are the best coaches for surfing. They are professional and very patient. I was a beginner and they took the utmost care of me. They believed more than me that I will do it, surf, and it made me believe in myself & which made me do it.

Thank you so much for an exciting surfday!

Seshan Sengen India

Dear coaches at the Ballito Surf shop, thank you coach Ray and coach Clay for embracing our family with such generosity, kindness, warmth & love. You got me to break through a major fear, you got me standing and surfing. Thank you! Your love for the sea and what you do, is beyond inspiring! We wish you an abundance of blessings.


Katherine, Simon and the whole Filmore family

A huge Thank you to the Ballito Surf shop & Ballito Surf shop coaches Ray & coach Clay. It was the best time of my holiday, it was my dream to surf! Thanks for such an amazing experience, you are the best coaches ever!

Phoebe- A k A Soul surfer.

The whole family thanks you for making this holiday most incredible & a remarkable time, we have all enjoyed every minute of our time together. You gents at the Ballito Surf shop are the most inspiring & amazing coaches. Thanks for sharing your gift with us.

Ballito Surf shop – sun& surf & the best surfing coaches!


24 March 2018

Dr Wilma, Dr Deon, Ethan, Chadwin, Bradley & Phoebe - A K A - Soul surfer. The Canadian Doctors

Dear Ballito Surf shop, thank you to coach Ray & coach Clay for making my dream come true, I surfed waves all the way to the shore!  We wiil definitely be back soon for more. We had the best day ever! Rock n roll your the best surfing coaches ever!


Hayley Carlisle, Brian Carlisle and the whole Carlisle family

To Ballito Surf shop, thank you for giving us the best day of our honeymoon! We will always remember, how much you believed in us and how you planned such  a special surf day for us. We actually surfed, it was fantastic! Thank you for both of your  knowledge, coach Ray and coach Clay.


March 2018

Doreen and Fernando

To the Ballito Surf shop and  their special surfing coaches on our honeymoon. A huge thank you gents for teaching  us the tricks of the trade, you guys rock! Thank you for being the people you are and going the extra mile. You are the best coaches in ballito, you gave us a very special honeymoon day! We will always remember and we will be back soon when we can move to the coast. God bless you!

We hope to see you very soon.


March 2018

Michelle& Norman Hudson Honeymooners

To the Ballito Surf shop, and the best coaches ever, coach Ray and coach Clay. We all had the best time ever, best day ever! What an amazing day! Thanks Raymond  and  Clayton, you see the best at surfing lessons, your enthusiasm is something to behold. We all were riding waves to the shore in less than two hours, and you kept us going in the sea as long as we wanted. All of us are hooked on surfing now.


February 2018

Ricki, Ryan and Shane Allen Ballito residents

We booked surfing lessons at the Ballito Surf shop and had the best surfing experience ever!

Today was one of the best days of our lives and definitely good memories to take home. The sun, wind, sand, waves and especially the surf was awesome and spending time with the most amazing coaches, coach Raymond & coach Clayton was memorable. Thanks for making our dreams come true & putting smiles in our faces. We will definitely always remember you gents and next time we will be back and do the advanced course. We are already pros thanks to the best surfing school ever! The Ballito Surf shop surfing lessons!  We can see your passion about surfing and surfing lessons and helping people surf.


Elani, Leandri, Yolandi & Philip & the whole family

We booked surfing lessons at the Ballito Surf shop, and had the most wonderful surfing experience. A huge thank you to coach Ray and coach Clay at the Ballito Surf shop in Ballito Village. We had the best time ever, we all loved surfing and rode the waves to the shore, so much fun. It was the best day. Thank you gents  for always being  so encouraging and  passionate.

We will be back for more.

Danzil, Kiasha, Kashni & the whole sundram family.

We booked surfing lessons at the Ballito Surf shop and had the best time ever, best weather best waves, best surfing experience! It was such a pleasure to get coached by the best coaches in the universe! We would not have been able to catch/surf all those wonderful waves without coach Ray and coach Clay, the coaches from the Ballito Surf shop in the ballito village. After this day its clear that surfing cannot be self taught and that being taught by very knowledgeable professional surfing coaches is the way to go. We would and will recommend you guys to anyone and everyone.

Love you guys!

From Mel and Shaun Professional athletes & professional personal trainers from Johannesburg

We booked surfing lessons at the Ballito Surf shop and it was the highlight of our honeymoon!

The Ballito Surf shop coaches gave us an unforgettable day of waves and sun. It was such a lovely bonding experience and is a day we will fondly remember for the rest of our lifetimes.

Thank you to the Ballito Surf shop coaches!

Very happy souls


Lauren and Ian

Dear Ballito Surf shop. We had the best Sunday at the beach ever! Coach Ray  and coach Clay were brilliant in encouraging me into the water and I made it,  I stood up on almost every wave, my first time ever attempting surfing. The gents were fabulous with my boys, showing great care and both boys learnt so much and really surfed well as and it was an amazing time.

We will be back for more.

Thank you

Paula Schoemsn and both my sons Johannesburg

We booked surfing lessons at the Ballito Surf shop in ballito village and we loved the whole surfing experience.

Thank you guys, coach Ray& coach Clay. I will always remember and cherish the experience you guys have given me. I feel so much closer to the sea and can’t wait to surf again, next time we are down. Thank you so so much for your amazing guidance! I surfed the waves all the way to the shore!



Thank you so very much, it was the most amazing  experience ever! You guys are the most wonderful coaches ever.  Even when I was tired you encouraged me to carry on, which is the best way to learn. I surfed the wave all the way to the shore!

I hope to be back on the surfboard soon.



What as treat to go into the sea and surf waves as after being fearful of the sea for the past 25 years! I surfed, I swam, I had an awesome experience in the sea, learning to be one with the ocean! Thank you to the Ballito Surf shop coaches, coach Ray and coach Clay for your encouragement and for creating a safe environment and carefully coaching me.

You guys rock!



March 2018

The team at the Ballito Surf shop is very proud of Dayna, Amy and Nicki for breaking through boundaries and learning the true joy of surfing, they showed great courage. Well done girls!

Ballito Surf shop team

I booked surfing lessons at the Ballito Surf shop and had the most amazing time. Thank you coach Ray and coach Clay, you really motivated me and my surfing really improved. I went from a 9ft surfboard to under 7ft surfboard, wow! You gents really made my weekend and year.

Thank you


Rodolfo klatou Ipanema Brazil

Dear Ballito Surf shop coaches, thank you for a wonderful surfing experience. It was my dream to surf, like Bethany Hamilton. You got me riding the waves to the shore. I sure feel like a soul surfer!



We booked surfing lessons with the Ballito Surf shop in Ballito Village and we want to say, 5 stars out of 5stars. Thank You!  To coach Ray at the Ballito Surf shop, Thank you for an amazing day! One of my biggest dreams became a reality with your coaching, thanks for teaching us to surf!

My father and I surfed the waves all the way.

Trudien & Bennie Labuschagne

April 2018

To the Ballito Surf Shop, thank you for our first surfing experience, we rode the waves all the way to the shore. it was an amazing experience to try surfing. Coach Clay was very patient & ensured we were safe. It was great fun riding waves for the first time.

Thank you!

Neil, Freya, Issy, Esme and the whole Harris family.

Visitors from England

April 2018

Dear Ballito surf shop coaches, thank you very much for teaching me how to surf the waves all the way to the shore. I have had lessons before with other coaches and I was struggling to stand up properly on the board. I have learnt so much from the ballito surf shop coaches in a short space of time. I now love surfing and I am surfing the waves well.


Jake 10years of age Jhb


Dear Ballito surf shop coaches, thank you so much for making surfing easy to learn and safe.

My first lesson I rode the waves right to the end and had so much fun and overcame some fears.

I now really enjoy surfing!


Dandre 10 years of age Pikkie, Tersia and Dandre


Dear surf coach Ray and surf coach Clay, at the Ballito surf shop, thanks for a wonderful day surfing! We all really enjoyed ourselves and it was our dream to surf. We had so much fun and learnt so much about surfing. We all surfed well and we will be back for more surfing lessons.


Neli, Mark, Erin & Lauren Gilmore